House Hills

House Hills
Umhlanga Rocks
Concept Design - Green Building

Situated in Umhlanga Rocks this Alteration and Additions Project is focused on being Durban's first fully Green Home. The Clients have a vision to transform their existing home into a Self- Sustainable, off Grid, home incorporating as many Green Visions and Ideas as Financially possible.

It is to this end that our concept of re-orientating the Home to take advantage of as much Natural light and Ventilation required us to even change the Address. To this end we re-positioned the Vehicular entrance from the South side of the Corner plot to the East side and incorporated large verandahs on the East side to allow the interior of the Residence to be as cool as possible through the summer months by shading the interior floor space. It was in the end the natural thing to do as the dominant views and winds were towards and from the East. The use of Natural Materials and colours will further add to the Green Concept and help give the Residence a Humane appearance from the Exterior while the Interior and Technology will be of 21st Century.

The incorporation of Stormwater tanks, Photovoltaic panels and Battery backups, as well as Heat Pumps for water heating will be but a few technologies incorporated into this Modern House. Gas appliances, natural ventilation and Sewer filtration plants add to the Green Makeup. In applying all these principles it was still important to the Client to adhere to a strict budget, and by cleverly using as much of the existing structure as possible, we believe we have balanced the brief outline.