Ferrari Showroom & Office Block

Ferrari Showroom & Office Block
Point Waterfront
Concept Design

Situated in the New Development node of the Point in Durban, this exciting Mixed Use Development comprising Showroom on the Ground floor, Offices on the 1st and 2nd Floors and Upmarket Penthouse Style Loft Apartments on the Top floor would have magnificent Harbour views as well as great street frontage for the much needed Showrooms on the Ground floor.

The Concept of Raising the Ground floor onto a Plinth would elevate and give the Showrooms a much greater Visual aspect from the very busy Point Road artery. Raising of the Ground floor also gave us the ability to provide much needed Basement parking within the Site on 2 Floors, allowing us to achieve a 6/100sq.m ratio. By setting back the Ground floor Showrooms and pushing the Offices to the Boundary line we were able to give the appearance of a light mass while achieving the desired maximum Bulking factor for the dominant site location.

The striking forms of the roofscape was born about by the sites location to the Passenger Liner Terminal and was conceptualized to mirror the nautical theme as a result of the proximity to the Harbour.

Our Concept of Public flow through the buildings street frontage on the corner of the site brought about a strong Feature Element overhanging the Pedestrian Walkway that flanks the Road frontage. This was emphasized by the bold use of colours and forms.