Richmond Showroom

Richmond Showroom
Glen Ashley
Completed 2006 - 4 million

Richmond Plumbing and Specifying Techniques are housed in this unique and very cost effective Alteration and Addition to an existing residential dwelling in Glen Ashley. Due to the high visual aspect of the site, we decided to focus most of the Architectural appeal towards the rather busy Ashley Avenue. The concept of creating a modern but natural approach towards the Street Frontage gave rise to the Modern forms and Natural colours and Materials used on the Showroom.

A Grand Double Volume entrance gives one the sense of height in this split level duo showroom, ground floor accommodating Richmond Plumbing and first floor, Specifying Techniques. Fantastic sea views towards the East gave rise to the Large Corner windows on both Ground and First Floors.

Simple lines and feature elements along with a clever use of colour and material breaks up the Road side elevation in a Modern Approach. The simple Architectural Language give the once residential building a modern flare while still allowing it to fit into the surrounding Residential neighbourhood much like a Modern Residence would.