Fairfield Dairy

Fairfield Dairy
Completed 2006 - 8 million

A Modern Yoghurt and Milk Facility that had an added requirement of needing to be "fused" with the Architectural Concept of having a "Farm Style" feeling for the visitor gave us a real challenge. The Client, Fairfield Dairy, an up and coming force in the Dairy Industry in Kwa Zulu Natal had strict Food Industry Standards that had to adhered to, but wanted to, due to the Great exposure site directly along the N3 show their "Farm Style" beginnings off to the public. Our very strong concept of providing the visitor with a "Farm Style" sense of arrival and "Human Scale" space gave the rather large Industrial Modern "Back of House" factory a friendly and inviting sense of arrival.

The Farm Style appearance from the freeway frontage gave the building an undoubtably "Dairy" like appearance. Another important aspect of the design was the proudness in which Fairfield Dairy have in terms of Education. They often take School tours through both their Farm and the newly acquired facility. We provided an upper level viewing walkway and lounge in order to promote the process' in which they are so proud of mastering.

The factory has been in production since 2007 now, and has brought forth a quantum leap in the manufacturing capacity of the company. With the staff compliment almost doubling and with workers having to adapt to the new environment and stringent Health controls that had to be put in place to take the company into the new market place it found itself. Fairfield produces a vast range of products including cottage cheese, dips, fruit juices, maas, cream, drinking yoghurt, yoghurt and flavoured milk from this facility.